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Marta Minujín – Parthenon of Books in Kassel, Germany


Marta Minujín is an Argentinian artist, who constructed a replica of the monumental Parthenon of the Greeks, by using over 100,000 banned books in September of 2017. Minujín worked together with her students from Kassel University located in Kassel Germany to identify over 170 different book titles that are currently banned or were at one time.

The replica comes as a strong statement on political oppression. The “Parthenon of Books” represents a symbol of democracy and covers it with numerous examples of written evidence of oppression. To add more on top, Minujín brilliantly built the structure on the same historic site where the Nazi’s burnt over 2,000 books as part of the censorship program being enforced in 1933. Watch this short slideshow below to see great shots of this powerful piece of work…

Written By: Sam Howell



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