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RIP Mac Miller


We all have heard now about the tragic death of Mac Miller, overdosing at 26 years old in his California home. Subtle reminder to everyone out there that musicians and artists are human beings just like every single one of us living on this planet, aside from the spotlight and glamorous lifestyles.

Mac Miller was an artist I never really started listening to until the last 2/3 years. Overlooking his talent and seeing him as just another white rapper. A few of my favorite tracks from Mac Miller are actually some of my overall favorite songs in hip hop. This track below is a record I feel most people sweep under the rug or might not know about, in my personal opinion it is one of the greatest records in modern hip hop. As I have been listening to some of his songs lately in recent light of what has happened I can hear his struggle and pain in his lyrics. RIP Mac, your soul will carry on and your music will live on forever.

Written By: Sam Howell



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